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And the Winner is: The Multi-cloud

A global survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, of more than 650 IT decision makers worldwide, uncovered a number of trends in cloud adoption strategies that will be realized in 2015. Participants answered questions on everything from the cloud deployments they are planning to where their cloud infrastructures will reside to how they’ll be interconnected. The results paint a picture of a multi-cloud future that may surprise you.

When Hosting your Cloud Services, Location Really does Matter

With eight out of the top ten CSPs residing in our global IBX data centers, along with the more than 450 CSPs in our growing global cloud ecosystem, that’s a lot of cloud power for companies to tap into.

Cloud Computing: Top Priorities and Concerns

Enterprises are taking a more serious view of cloud offerings, and are pondering the difficulty of integrating cloud based services into their hetrogeneous application estates.

Key Takeaways of Internet Application Performance

Where you locate your infrastructure plays a huge role in how well your site or application performs. Without any software or server optimization, we were able to obtain significant improvements in performance...

Bridging the Gap in The Clouds

To provide an in-depth look at the trends shaping how cloud services are provided and consumed, Equinix recently surveyed a range of organizations representing a broad spectrum of parties engaged...