Data Center Action Beats Heated Arguments About Sustainability

At Equinix, we believe our position as a global leader in the data center and colocation space, means we have a duty to show leadership in creatively tackling the single biggest issue our industry faces – minimizing the environmental impact of digital progress. This means acting as an exemplar for the data center industry, through trialing and implementing forward-thinking technology, and designing and retrofitting all our data centers, both new and acquired, with cutting-edge sustainable technology.

Championing Corporate Sustainability at Equinix

This year we are launching an interactive sustainability report website to make it easier for our stakeholders to engage with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and find the information they need quickly. And we are expanding many of our programs to build on earlier successes.

Igniting the Power of Many to Protect the Earth

Our world is changing fast. An increasingly connected globe means that users expect everything to be available on-demand, anywhere, anytime, regardless of where it originates. These kinds of expectations are driving every industry to rapidly transform to keep up. Digital business, powered by interconnection, offers a path to survival for businesses by enabling new ways of commerce, collaboration and innovation.

10 Ways Equinix is Advancing Responsible Water Consumption

Water is essential to life. It covers 71% of the earth’s surface, mostly in seas and oceans, and it plays a vital role in the world economy. Many industries are dependent on water for production and trade, and it’s an important source of economic, social and human development.

New Corporate Sustainability Report Details Plans, Progress

The annual release of our Corporate Sustainability Report provides a transparent look at the ways Equinix is reducing our environmental impact and improving the lives of those around us in our key focus areas: environment, people, governance and community. It also details why we’re doing it.

Earth Day 2018: How Equinix Is Advancing Customer, Corporate and Community Sustainability

On this Earth Day, we’d like to reflect on advances we’ve made in reducing our environmental footprint for our customers, corporation and communities to help make this a better world for everyone.

What’s One Secret to Success in Sustainability? Collaboration

We join forces with partners across industries and share best practices. We get and give advice on how to do things better. It’s a striking, refreshing and motivating dynamic in the normally intensely competitive business arena, and it’s not just us. All around the corporate world, big names and up-and-comers alike are learning about sustainability from each other.

Fuel Cells Make Interconnection More Sustainable

Our recent agreement to expand the use of Bloom Energy fuel cells in our data centers is one key way we’re decreasing the overall impact of a growing digital economy on the planet. According to research in the Global Interconnection Index, a new market study published by Equinix, Interconnection Bandwidth capacity is projected to reach an estimated 5,000 terabits per second by 2020. That kind of interconnection will require significant power output to support it.

Connecting With Sustainable Purpose: Moving to 100% Renewable Energy & More

Our corporate sustainability program is just three years old, but it’s quickly become critical to the Equinix business. We’ve learned that it’s also good for business. This year’s report has the theme “Connecting with Purpose,” and it offers a window into how we do that inside our global data centers and with the people and places around us.

Increasing Sustainability in the Data Center Industry

Greenpeace’s annual “Clicking Clean” report on the green energy practices of internet companies had good news for Equinix, as we finished as the seventh-best performer among all companies globally and earned an improved “B” grade.