Fuel Cells Make Interconnection More Sustainable

Our recent agreement to expand the use of Bloom Energy fuel cells in our data centers is one key way we’re decreasing the overall impact of a growing digital economy on the planet. According to research in the Global Interconnection Index, a new market study published by Equinix, Interconnection Bandwidth capacity is projected to reach an estimated 5,000 terabits per second by 2020. That kind of interconnection will require significant power output to support it.

Power Redundancy Means Greater System Availability and Business Continuity

In our more than 175 global IBX data centers, we have seen the ramifications of not leveraging dual power redundancy, even when it was available. We encourage all our customers to take advantage of the power distribution redundancy that is built into our IBX infrastructures.

Summer Shots: Long Days, Cool Breezes and Data Centers

In a tribute to our global reach, and a summer season we all hope stretches on for a long while, here are a couple of cool shots of Equinix data centers in a few of our more touristy locations:

Bloom Energy and the Continuing Path to 100% Clean and Renewable Power

Today, Equinix gets about 30% of our global energy from clean, renewable sources. The Bloom Energy fuel cell project keeps the percentage ticking upward as we head to 100%.

Equinix Continues to Progress on Green Data Center Initiatives

As it continues to expand and build data centers around the world, Equinix has developed sustainability best practices which are increasingly being adopted in new builds.

Equinix at 15: Pride, Pressure Part of Job for IBX Manager in Silicon Valley

A self-described “nerd at heart,” Patterson likes it when people first understand what Equinix does, like he did on his first tour of SV1 years ago.

10 Beautiful Photos of Equinix SV1 and SV5 Data Centers

To get you over the mid-week hump, here's ten beautiful photos of two Equinix IBX data centers in Silicon Valley. Do you love the symphony of cables like we do?