Insuring a Bright Future

When it comes to mitigating the impact of potentially dangerous events, China’s insurance industry is making the most of a very large and fast growing opportunity. They also recognize interconnection will be the difference between being competitive and being left behind.  

Managed Private “Multi-Cloud Enabled” Colocation

Cloud solutions and adoption promises speed, agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity & cost efficiency with innovation; however these benefits add tricky tracheotomies namely governance, complexity and security. In today’s emerging elastic ecosystem, datacenters are trusted by enterprise and well-funded startups to convert their colocation space as a managed elastic colocation.

Continuous Application Delivery with Containers at Equinix

As part of the Continuous Application Delivery team over the past few years, we have seen—and in many instances actually shaped—the continuous delivery process at Equinix. By continuously learning from different trials and applying those learnings when necessary, we have overcome many of our initial challenges.

Connectivity-Driven Transformation Picks Up Pace

In this blog in our Interconnection History series, Equinix looks at how networks have evolved, making new mobile, cloud and social media technologies possible.

The Dream to “Network Humans Through Technology”

Four eras of connectivity transformation have shaped the digital economy. Equinix explores the dynamic history of interconnection in this four-part blog series.

Do You Know a CIO With Insomnia? We Can Help

We don’t know how CIOs ever sleep, given the increasing demands on them. We've pulled together some concerns that keep CIOs awake and ways to address them.

Equinix Can Help the Enterprise Take on Big Data, However It’s Defined

Whatever the “big” in big data means to an enterprise, it needs to prepare to deal with it because its competitors are. And Equinix can help them do it.

EMC, Microsoft and Equinix Join Forces to Deliver a Cloud Without Compromise

The solution allows businesses to build a hybrid cloud that extends their existing storage infrastructure, while delivering the public cloud's benefits.

Equinix-Sponsored Panel Takes on the Present, and Future, of Multi-Cloud

The panel discussion hit on a range of multi-cloud topics, including its inevitable proliferation, its risks and how it furthers the unique opportunities cloud computing brings.

Meet The Innovators: Some of the Latest Thinking on Equinix Forum

From making Pandora listeners happy, to meeting demand for network connectivity in Texas, here's some of the latest thinking and innovation on Equinix Forum.