Video: Opportunity, Expansion and Optimism in Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific is a region that combines a proven and durable economic vitality with unmatched potential. Two of the top 5 global economies are there, …

Equinix Editor

SFTI: Your Single Connection to Global Financial Markets

Ian Jack

7 Photos of Equinix’s 11th Data Center in Tokyo – Its Largest to Date in Japan

Phil Schwarzmann

What Makes the New TY5 Data Center Special?

Phil Schwarzmann

INFOGRAPHIC: What makes Equinix Tokyo your most dependable data center choice?

Phil Schwarzmann

Financial Ecosystem Growth Confirms New Industry Direction

Phil Schwarzmann

Ten Gorgeous Photos of TY5 in Tokyo

Phil Schwarzmann

Equinix Data Center Renovation – TY1, a new look at the old beauty

Phil Schwarzmann


Tejaswini Tilak

Finding Talent Means Being Global, Mobile and Fast

Larry McAlister

Future proofing Japanese data demand at every level

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