Realizing the true potential of NFV

With an NFV strategy, enterprises can deploy common x86 virtualization hardware that is ready to run a host of different Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)—software appliances deployed on NFV infrastructure.

How VMware and Equinix Interconnect vCloud Air to the Enterprise

Businesses can now deploy high-performance, secure VMware-based hybrid clouds

How to Converse in Cloud: Virtualization Vs. the Private Cloud

We tackle a common point of confusion: A lot of organizations think they’re running a private cloud, when what they’re really running is just a virtualized data center.

Enterprise Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: 3 Common Scenarios

Until the cloud, the housing of infrastructure in a secondary data center for replication or backup could be cost-prohibitive for small- or medium-sized organizations. The cloud provides a secondary DR location and infrastructure with little or no up front investment and an affordable pay-as-you-go scenario. Operational costs and resources are slashed and the cloud DR provider often takes over much of disaster recovery management and maintenance.

Workload Management in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud: Implications for Enterprises

As enterprises move into their hybrid / multi-cloud architectures and reap its benefits, they inevitably face challenges due to multiple ‘cloud silos’. Here, we discuss few of the common challenges enterprises face with managing workloads across ‘cloud silos’ in typical hybrid / multi-cloud deployments.