Why Global Commerce Demands Agile Network Architectures

As global value chains become more knowledge-intensive, they’ve spawned an increase in cross-border bandwidth usage. Volume 2 of the Global Interconnection Index Report, a market study published by Equinix, projects interconnection bandwidth global growth of 48% CAGR. Efficient planning, implementation and management of these networks and interconnections is critical to the success of global services.

Realizing the true potential of NFV

With an NFV strategy, enterprises can deploy common x86 virtualization hardware that is ready to run a host of different Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)—software appliances deployed on NFV infrastructure.

NFV-as-a-Service – Meeting the Demands of Cloud Velocity

Internet speed, in terms of introducing new technologies in the telecommunications industry, has followed a very clear pattern: more than two years of standardization, followed by 18+ months of product development and, finally, a year-long deployment timeline.