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Getting to Know our Asia-Pacific Leader – Yee May Leong

Jeremy Deutsch

Photos of Equinix’s Eighth Data Center in Sydney – SY5

Glenn Uidam

The Secrets of Digital Twins for the Cities of Tomorrow

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Get a Sneak Peek Inside Equinix’s Newest Data Center in Melbourne – ME2

Guy Danskine

Championing Diversity in Tech in Asia-Pacific

Mary McHale

Getting to Know our Asia-Pacific Leader – Larry Tam

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Under the Hood: A Tour of our Newest Data Centre – SY4

Jeremy Deutsch

A Rat-ical Approach to the Data Center Environment in Singapore

Yee May Leong

Getting to Know our Asia-Pacific Leader – Chris Jang

Jeremy Deutsch

4 Things You Need to Know About Equinix in Australia

Jeremy Deutsch

Accelerating Global Interconnection with the Acquisition of Metronode

Samuel Lee

Global Interconnection Index

Interconnection Drives Growth for Digital Business

The Global Interconnection Index (GXI) Volume 3 provides industry leaders with the framework to achieve a digital-ready infrastructure through 5 IT transformational steps.


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