Take the Fast Lane to AWS

Business and technology are rapidly evolving everywhere, and today’s business leaders must accelerate the time-to-value for the investments they are making in enterprise digital transformation.

How the Evolution of Containers Is Changing App Development

Our use of application isolation, containers and microservices continues to evolve at Equinix to streamline and scale the development of our interconnection solutions and colocation data center monitoring services, such as IBX SmartView, for our more than 8,000 customers.

Equinix Expansion Continues in 2017 as Interconnection Demand Soars

Our continued expansion comes as the shift to digital disrupts businesses worldwide, forcing them to transform their IT architectures to be agile and dispersed enough to be where their business demands. Our commitment to continuous, thoughtful expansion means that wherever our customers need us, we’ll be there, in 2017 and beyond.

Equinix Launches CD1 – The First Deep Sea Data Center

Increasingly, data centers and their communications systems are heading out to

New Verizon and Equinix Partnership Is Built for a Digital Age

This collaboration builds on a long-time partnership that includes our pending agreement to buy 29 Verizon data centers, a deal expected to close this summer. The new reseller agreement also looks to capitalize on the strengths of both companies, including the capabilities and reach of Equinix’s global data center and interconnection platform, and the security, network and advanced communications services of Verizon, the largest wireless carrier in the U.S.

Cloud Expansion in Europe Accelerates Digital Transformation

Equinix data centers house a growing cloud ecosystem with access to more than 500 CSPs, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure/Office 365, Oracle Cloud, VMware vCloud Air and Salesforce.

Increasing Sustainability in the Data Center Industry

Greenpeace’s annual “Clicking Clean” report on the green energy practices of internet companies had good news for Equinix, as we finished as the seventh-best performer among all companies globally and earned an improved “B” grade.

How to Escape a Cloud Outage Unscathed

Media coverage has pinned blame for the failures on the cloud service providers (CSPs), but CSPs aren't the only entity on the hook here. Enterprises are responsible for their own disaster planning and recovery procedures, whether they are deploying IT solutions in their own data center, managing their IT with one or more CSPs, or utilizing a hybrid architecture.

“Cloud Ready” – the solution to the Media, Entertainment and Advertising sector

Digital disruption and technological changes are causing shockwaves across many industry

Equinix Hong Kong Expansion Fuels IOT and Cloud Growth

This latest expansion brings Equinix’s total investment in the city to over US$250 million. But that’s just the start of the story. We are continuing to support the “cloud-rush” with the expansion of our Hong Kong footprint.