Why Location Is Critical in Retail’s Digital Transformation

Like all industry sectors, retail is undergoing a dramatic transformation. It started years ago with the emergence of what we then called e-commerce, and the trend is now accelerating with massive disruption in the way consumers are shopping. It’s requiring traditional retailers to adapt to digital and pure internet players to connect with physical stores.

Partnering for Success in the Interconnected Era

When the pundits predicted that the cloud would change everything about enterprise IT, they were dead right. Thanks to enhanced security, more and more companies are embracing cloud for mission critical operations like back-up, disaster recovery, business continuity and storage.

Mini-Data Center Trend Seems Terrifying!

Equinix has always been committed to careful, steady global expansion, though we’ve traditionally focused on larger facilities and metros. But today, we’re announcing that Equinix has taken a “Frankenstein” approach and embraced the mini-data center at the edge trend in a big way, together with our well-known data center protection capabilities!

12 Amazing Photos of DC12 in Washington D.C.

Our latest state-of-the-art IBX data center, DC12 just outside Washington D.C., is officially open for business!  Check out these 12 amazing from inside and outside our facility.  Enjoy!

Cloud Conversations: The Digital Transformation of the CIO

Our Cloud Conversation series sees us speak with Christian McMahon, CIO of three25 who is an established interim CIO/CTO, global business leader and change agent, as well as being a member of the technology panel and innovation advisor to the European Commission.

Data Cache and Edge Placement

The forces compelling digital businesses to place more of their data at the edge are real, however, the transition requires careful design. The perception is that moving large datasets out to the edge can create management and accountability problems that would not occur if the data were managed centrally.

Interconnection Will Help Make History in Europe

The Index points to various trends spurring Interconnection growth in Europe, including data sovereignty and the need for firms to exchange data with each other in-region. And it cites the evolution of the European public peering model, which is moving toward more private direct connection.

What You Need When the IoT’s Big Breakout Arrives

The Internet of Things (IoT) sometimes has the feel of a trend that’s forever going to be on the cusp of a huge breakout. Figures fly around about the projected size of the IoT, and they’re always massive (such as the 50 billion devices Cisco predicted by 2020). But the number of things in the IoT is already counted in the 8 billion-15 billion range. So, shouldn’t we be seeing more from the IoT by now?

Equinix boosts Interconnection in a Digital Capital – Washington D.C.

Loudoun County has attracted data centers for a variety of reasons, including the collection of legacy network providers there that initially drew data center companies. It’s also got a great location that’s near the nation’s capital and offers easy access to various digital routes heading north, south and west. But from our perspective, the catalyst of all this growth today is Interconnection.

Data is Pouring over the Edge

Data is increasingly becoming the currency of the global digital economy. And, it is the direct, private data exchange between and among businesses that is driving global economic growth. For enterprises to monetize their data and extract the most value from it, they must re-think their data architectures to find the best ways to aggregate, exchange and manage data at the edge—and at scale.