Salute Veterans with Meaningful Civilian Careers

The transition from the military to the civilian workforce can be daunting and difficult. Research indicates veterans in the civilian workforce …

Todd Frey

Data center green: come costruire un internet sostenibile

Russell Poole

Che cosa sta spingendo la rapida crescita dell’interconnessione?

Ryan Mallory

Il vostro business digitale è pronto per salire di livello?

Sara Baack

Together, We’ll Interconnect the World

At Equinix, we are driven by an ambition and passion to create a more connected world. Our bold vision for interconnection began 20 years ago, …

Charles Meyers

New Corporate Sustainability Report Details Plans, Progress

The annual release of our Corporate Sustainability Report provides a transparent look at the ways Equinix is reducing our environmental impact and…

David Rinard

20 Years of Working Toward Data Center Greatness

SV10 in Silicon Valley, California A lot of things had to be great for Equinix to reach the 20th anniversary we're celebrating this year. One …

Raouf Abdel, EVP of Global Operations, Equinix

Channel partners clear a path to a digital future

Equinix's Channel Partner Program has existed for about three of Equinix's 20 years, but this relatively new strategy is poised to play a huge …

Oren Yehudai

20 Years of Putting “Customer-First” Into Action

At Equinix, we've been dreaming about what digital business can be for 20 years, and our customers have been driving those ambitions since Day …

Laura Ortman

Equinix Turns 20: Our Global Teams Celebrate the Big Day

Last Thursday, Equinix held 20th Anniversary celebrations all around the globe. This was a big day for the company, and we felt it was important to …

Wendell Davis