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Games e interconexão: o que uma coisa tem a ver com a outra?

"Estamos competindo (e perdendo) mais com o Fortnite do que com a HBO". Quando a Netflix fez a declaração acima ao mercado, durante sua …

Diego Julidori

Interconnection: Der Schlüssel zur Industrie 4.0


Forrester Studie zeigt auf, wie Interconnection bei Equinix den ROI signifikant steigern kann


Emerging Dynamics offers Cyber Defense through Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric

Cybersecurity risk is one of the key drivers of interconnection, as the second annual Global Interconnection Index (the GXI), a market study published…

Michiel Eielts

Deconstructing Distributed Security: Centralized Management in a Distributed System

This is the second installment in a series of discussions focused on managing data security in distributed computing environments. Encryption key …

Lance Weaver

The Future of Payments is Instant, Open and Everywhere

The payments landscape in Asia-Pacific continues to leverage new partners and new routes for consumers to transfer money. Singtel and video gaming …

Mary McHale

How to Converse In Cloud: Reaching Multicloud High Availability

Multicloud high availability (HA) can help protect your enterprise’s valuable application and data assets against costly system and power outages …

Ryan Mallory

Intercloud Connectivity Enhances Application Performance

For decades network engineers and architects have been designing on-premises WANs to the point where they can now practically do it in their sleep. …

Justin Beck

How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek: BC/DR

Jim Poole

Gartner Catalyst 2019 Focus: Pushing Your Digital Advantage

When companies become digital ready, they gain a number of advantages that empower them to do things they never thought possible. Being digital ready …

Bryson Hopkins