Finding Talent Means Being Global, Mobile and Fast

Equinix's global reach continues to expand, and the demand for top talent is extremely high in the cities where global business is conducted. This…

Larry McAlister

Fitbit IPO Hits Big, Signals Broader Shift in Consumer Expectations

Chiaren Cushing

The Big Five: Up, Running, Interconnecting

The party we hosted in New York earlier this month to mark the opening of our new NY6 data center was really just the continuation of a celebration …

Sam Kapoor

Businesses on Track for Internet Success

At first glance London's famous Underground railway, "The Tube," and the Internet appear to have nothing in common. But look a little deeper and …

Gareth Bridges

Taking the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) Out of Deploying Clouds in Germany

Ryan Mallory

Equinix and Aliyun Escalate Cloud Services in Asia and North America

According to Cisco's Cloud Survey, by 2018 the Asia-Pacific cloud market will generate the most global cloud traffic (2.3 zettabytes annually). To…

Equinix Editor

Over $40 million Hong Kong expansion will be music to the ears of CDM and Cloud companies looking for interconnection services

The Hong Kong symphony! That's what old "Asia Hands" jokingly call the incessant roar of jackhammers and pile drivers. But it is also the …

Equinix Editor

Infographic: Enabling the Mobile Video Ecosystem

How participants in the mobile video industry are dealing with the problems of increased video traffic is a hot topic and, recognising the rapid …

Rory Murphy

Photos from the LD6 Launch Event

The launch party for our latest data center, Equinix LD6 outside London, went off smashingly. Check out some photos of the festivities below!…

Phil Schwarzmann

Tired of the Usual Financial Centres? Try Trading “Down Under”

Equinix ME1 in Melbourne, Australia With an abundance of natural resources, Australia has become a key supplier to energy and commodity hungry …

David Wilkinson