Government and Education Poised for Dramatic Interconnection Growth

David Peed

The Information Economy Currency: Data

Residing on disks, in computer memory or transferred by wire or wireless, data increasingly drives global economies. Try going a day without …

Kim Chen Bock

How Government Goes All-In on the Cloud

David Ulepic of NetApp, Brendan Walsh of 1901 Group and Jim Steinbauer of Equinix contributed to this post. Growing complexities in technology and …

Rene Matawaran

WAN Optimization: Adopting a Regionally Distributed Architecture

Don Wiggins

Federal Government Digital Transformation

Don Wiggins

New AWS Routes Open Up in NAP

Equinix MI1 in Miami In our recent blog article, "Why Miami is Latin America's Center of Interconnection," we discussed how Miami is so widely …

Kaushik Joshi

Why Miami is Latin America’s Center of Interconnection

Miami is synonymous with sandy beaches, fashion shopping and international cuisine. It's home to the busiest cruise port in the world and one of …

Gustavo Garcia

Equinix Now Has 15 sites in 6 Markets Across Australia

We talk to our customers a lot and what comes through loud and clear is they want Equinix to be in more locations. We listened and have acted, …

Jeremy Deutsch

Creating a State-Wide Azure/Office 365 Cloud Brokerage Service

The shift from in-house IT to a public, private, hybrid or multicloud environment can be daunting for any IT team, whether they are working in the …

Hayward Scott

New Year, New Privacy Regulations. Are You Ready?

Ensuring Personal Information Protection (PIP) and privacy is a world and industry-wide concern among enterprises and service providers alike. …

Sanjeevan Srikrishnan