Under the Hood: A Tour of our Newest Data Centre – SY4

On 22 August, we officially opened our fourth data centre in Sydney (SY4). Located near the heart of Sydney's business district, the new US$97 million…

Jeremy Deutsch

And Soon There Will Be Four…

Over 600 companies in Australia now call Equinix's Sydney Campus home. These enterprises, networks and cloud providers all plugged into …

Jeremy Deutsch

Summer Games Spur Global Data Deluge

The Summer Games open in Rio de Janeiro today, just two years after Rio hosted the World Cup. It's an awesome time in a country that's growing …

Karl Strohmeyer

Architecting for the Interconnected Era

At Equinix, we talk a lot about Interconnection. When companies can connect directly and securely to their customers and partners inside our …

Jeremy Deutsch

Enterprise Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: 3 Common Scenarios

Jim Poole

Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service Can Make the Enterprise Smarter

At the recent Code Conference, there was a lot of talk among industry insiders about how artificial intelligence (AI) will advance the adoption of new…

Ihab Tarazi

Pokemon Go Scratching the Surface: AR/VR in the Enterprise

Equinix Editor

Watching the Fog Roll In: Network Architectures for IoT and Edge Computing

We have been following the progress of "fog computing" for a while, and as more enterprises realize its benefits, a variety of fog solutions have come…

Equinix Editor

Military Veterans Find Familiar Values, New Challenges at Equinix

Here at Equinix, we value the service our military veteran employees have given to our country and the expertise they bring to our company, and …

Larry McAlister

Creating an Interconnection Highway for Digital Media Production

Phil Schwarzmann