Creating an Interconnection Highway for Digital Media Production

Phil Schwarzmann

Standing Out in the Cloud

Garry Connolly is president of Host in Ireland, an organization dedicated to promoting Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets. I …

Maurice Mortell

The Changing Demand for Data Center Services

Ireland's data center landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade, as business requirements have changed and the role of the data center…

Maurice Mortell

Earth Day 2016: Staying Green as We Grow

Growth is a familiar story at Equinix because we continuously look to deliver interconnection capacity ahead of customer demand. But it's …

Sam Kapoor

Ad World Eager to Attack Fraud, Consider New Data Center Strategies

Fraud is one of the most significant problems in the digital advertising industry. It's a world of ultra-high speed, online programmatic …

Equinix Editor

Next-Gen Telecommunications Trends

In our blog entry, PTC 2016 - Reimagining Telecommunications, Ryan Mallory discussed some of the trends highlighted at PTC 2016 for enterprises. …

Alex Vaxmonsky

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Emerging as a Top IT Priority

Jeroen Schlosser

Equinix Team Turns Out for Marathon Walk to Help Colleague With Cancer

Our Equinix colleague Stuart Turnham has been a mainstay at Equinix's London metro, bringing passion, dedication and creativity to his job as …

Phil Schwarzmann

Saving the World With The Internet of Cows

The stalwarts of the mobile age were all there, amid the flurry of product announcements about beautiful, shiny gadgets and virtual reality at the…

Mark Anderson

Unreal: Virtual Reality Tech Dominating at Mobile World Congress ’16

Virtual reality products are dominating the exhibition at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The term "virtual reality" has been …

Chiaren Cushing