Bigfoot sightings continue as Equinix expands in 2014

- Interconnections blog aficionados may recall Bigfoot's debut in this space about a year ago. It was then that we dubbed Equinix the Bigfoot of …

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Looking at the Future with 20/20 Hindsight

The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, is famous for his wisdom and insights. And, after 2,500 years, many of them are still as relevant as the day …

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Gartner ITXpo 2014 in Europe Confirms Data Center Decision-Making is High on the CIO Agenda

This November's Barcelona event attracted the highest ever number of industry leaders - and Equinix captured their attention 'Cloud is coming, …

Andrew McCreath

A Key to Hong Kong’s Success? Location.

From trading port to financial centre and now, cloud centre, Hong Kong's success still depends on combination of entrepreneurial spirit and …

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New Law Demands Efficiency, New London Data Center Delivers

After years of campaigning, the UK's Climate Change Agreement for data centers is finally in effect. That's great news for Equinix. Not only does …

Russell Poole

Innovation and New Possibilities from Equinix at Gartner Symposium/ITXpo 2014

Gartner Symposium/ITXpo in Barcelona is just around the corner and the Equinix EMEA team is looking forward to meeting forward-thinking CIOs to …

Andrew McCreath

From One to Many: Welcome to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Mode

The transition of the cloud market sector is fascinating to be part of, particularly in a digitally sophisticated region such as Australia, which …

Jeremy Deutsch

Gone Global: OTC Strength Key as Singapore Grows as Global Trading Hub

Singapore has developed one of Asia's most advanced financial services industries on strengths including a central location in Southeast Asia, a …

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10 Stunning Photos of Equinix DX1 and DX2 Data Centers in Dubai

Phil Schwarzmann

10 Beautiful Shots of LA4

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