The Data Center: Key to Growth in the UK’s Booming Creative Industries

The creative industries sector plays a key role in a thriving UK economy. In fact, statistics released last year showed it's now worth about $113 …

Russell Poole

Cloud Reflections – Looking Back Over Last Year’s Cloud Expansion

Looking back on the expansion of our cloud ecosystem over the last year, it was a whirlwind of activity. We witnessed hybrid and multicloud …

Jim Poole

Run, Don’t Walk, Towards the Hybrid Cloud

The potential of the hybrid cloud model is almost limitless. Combining flexibility and security (private cloud) with scalability and access …

Andrew McCreath

Gartner ITXpo 2014 in Europe Confirms Data Center Decision-Making is High on the CIO Agenda

This November's Barcelona event attracted the highest ever number of industry leaders - and Equinix captured their attention 'Cloud is coming, …

Andrew McCreath

From One to Many: Welcome to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Mode

The transition of the cloud market sector is fascinating to be part of, particularly in a digitally sophisticated region such as Australia, which …

Jeremy Deutsch

NetApp, Microsoft and Equinix Deliver Secure, Scalable Hybrid Cloud with Private Storage

Equinix Editor

The Transformation of Australia: From Mining to Tech

Australia, prodigious in so many ways and instrumental to the world's economy, will always grapple with a tyranny of distance. The distance, however, …

Equinix Editor

How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek: Connections

Jim Poole

Sustaining a Data Driven Digital Economy – When Knowledge is Power

  By Tony Simonsen, managing director, Equinix Australia     Australia's leading technologists, thinkers and digital …

Equinix Editor

Building the next-generation media enterprise

Equinix is currently engaged in a programme of research focused on exploring the evolution of digital interconnectivity across the European media …

Rory Murphy